Waxlegs - new signing & new record out this fall !


big announcement ! this october, we will release the long awaited debut album from @wax.legs – a feminist charged four wheeled monster truck speeding through a dark and deserted town followed by beer cans attached by guitar strings, just in time to celebrate Lucifer’s second marriage. This is ‘Horny Tears From Hell’ !!

The album unites a fusion of sounds from ominous genres that collide together in a dark, hauntingly endearing manner. A raw unpolished beast for fans of real killer bands like Acid, Sacrilege, Girlschool or Discharge. It combines the best out of such loud genres as punk and metal.

HTFH is savvily produced by our first mate Lorenz Szukal of Chuckamuck/Die Verlierer, who also produced DVs eponymous s/t album alongside Jeff Clarke’s countrified anti-folk album ‘Locust’.

Berlin DIY tape label @hennerecords („Nur das Beste vom Ei”) recorded the »Pleasure & Pain« demo tape that was released in the fall of 2021. Waxlegs now join our Bretford Records’ roster of international delinquents to release an 11 track album filled to the brim with genre-fucking seedy chaos. Keeping some natural amp hums and hisses whilst adding eerie noises from worlds we don’t want to find. ‚Horny Tears From Hell‘ is an album to conquer the boundaries of music, while bringing you something truly unique and wonderfully uncanny and we can’t wait for this release !! Killer album artwork by Robin Banks @heavyandhard and photo by @maxtheodor

pre-order availble now everywhere, also we got a limited WHITE vinyl edition only availbale via Bandcamp ! stay tuned for more news, shows, tracks,…