New Release

Oska Wald

„Doreen Doreen“ marks the second song release from the Bretford Records forthcoming album „Motel Reno“, on which Oska Wald (frontman Chuckamuck and Die Verlierer) knows how to transform the banal and mundane into the stuff of eternal weight and strength.
„Motel Reno“ is named in homage to legendary US underground filmmaker George Kuchar and his „The Weather Diaries“ – a series of absurdist videos documenting the minutiae of his wasted time.

„Doreen Doreen“, on the other hand, is a song in which hardly anything is true – neither was there a Doreen in his life, nor did he dream the dream in verse 3. The first line – a translated quote from Townes van Zandt, the last verse borrowed from David Berman.
And the rest ? The rest of the song is meta about songwriting itself – while over it all hovers the feeling of being a stranger to oneself.
Oska Wald, here now with a masterpiece of meta-observation.


vinyl/digital on #bretfordrecords