New Signing

Pink Stiletto

thrilled to welcome this amazing act from the US on our booking roster:

PINK STILETTO is a new band from San Francisco, US, that “is set to reinvigorate New Wave and post-punk with their debut track “Synthesize” ( The project around visionary Valery Kvochkova embodies an 80s New Wave, Italo Disco and Post Punk’s mix of wacky, cheesy, and sexy elements and bilingual lyrics in French and English. “Echoing the eclectic, avant-garde essence of ZE Records, Pink Stiletto merges disco’s allure with punk’s rawness, funk’s rhythm, and new wave’s idiosyncrasy.” (

After some sold out debut shows alongside renowned artists like David Microwave Javelosa of Los Microwaves, members from The Units and Tuxedomoon, and Miguel Gomez of Kontrol, her debut EP “New Wava” has been self-released in begin of may 2025 and promises Pink Stiletto as “one of San Francisco’s most exciting new musical acts.” with its “bold experimentation and fearless exploration” (Psyched Radio). “With influences from The B-52s to Soviet-era Italo Disco, Pink Stiletto is pure, fun-loving ‘80s synth energy. Mind you, growing up in the post-Soviet Eastern Bloc, Kvochkova isn’t just making New Wave bangers simply for dancing—this is the music of the Reagan/Thatcher West that heralded the fall of the Berlin Wall.” (musicforever magazine)

Following up with a compilation release on Hyperspace Communications in the upcoming summer, we’re thrilled to get PINK STILETTO over to Europe/UK for magnificent live performances you shouldn’t miss!