New Release

Oska Wald

thrilled that today’s album release on Bretford Records is from @oskawald , who we have been working with for a long time due to his bands Chuckamuck and Die Verlierer. Now we are proud to present his incredibly great solo record, an album inspired by underground filmmaker George Kuchar’s „Weather Diaries“, a series of absurdist videos documenting the minutiae of his wasted time.

Wald gives us his entire Lebenslauf in two minutes, up to his thirtieth year and an early midlife crisis, which finds him de-camping from his Berlin flat for his own Motel Reno of the mind. Along the way, he encounters the same stray dog that seems to follow Kuchar everywhere, creates an entire song out of a pizza menu, foments an elaborate metaphor for his porn-viewing habits, renders a vacationland for those of us who can’t afford vacations, and re-invents country music for people who hate country music, to name just a few of the winning tributaries here that, together, form a composite picture of the artist’s headspace circa 2023.

With Jeff Clarke from @theblacklips_ on guest guitar, Adam Baumeister on pedal steel, @mugglestone23 on drums, Al Burian on bass, Ghazi Barakat on rauschpfeife, and the guest vocals of @rahel.n.p – Motel Reno gives old-fashioned lo-fi neo-folk craftsmanship, reminding us that the art of songwriting might have yet another day to live.
The Eagles might have their Hotel California, Leonard Cohen his Chelsea Hotel, but Motel Reno will always be Oska Wald’s home away from home, nestled beneath the stormclouds and twisters deranging the sky above.

Motel Reno – recorded, mixed and mastered by Nene Barrato @bigsnuffstudio
motel reno vinyl