new song release by

jeff clarke

„Mormon Galaxy“ out now ***

»Mormon Galaxy« by Jeff Clarke is now released on all digital platforms ! the recording is undoubtedly another great creation proclaiming Clarkes talent for fiction-based and beautiful songwriting. Clarke casts a spell over you and let you dive into a world where he allegedly deals with a battle to rejoin the Mormon community after being forsaken by his family one generation ago.
»Mormon Galaxy« was recorded in Toronto with
Omri Gondor on drums
Kyle Porter on bass
and Paul Mortimer on guitar
and comes from a series of recordings Clarke has been churning out over the past few years and that will now be released piece by piece, before in 2023, finally, his solo album will release

the original cover art is made by Berlin-based artist Lunita-July Dorn

Clarke, who in the year 2000 moved from Edmonton, Canada, to Montreal, to escape a life as a laborer in the Alberta oil sands, founded then the legendary garage rock band Demon’s Claws (In the Red Records). With their raw recordings and gritty mixture of ‘60s punk sound, country and folk rock, the Demon’s Claws had surely influenced many groups of today. With his psych country rock band Hellshovel (Slovenly Recordings) and stripped-down garage folk duo Milk Lines (In the Red) Clarke boasts numerous diverse publications. Shortly after moving to Berlin in 2016, he also became a permanent member of US garage rock band The Black Lips, who recently released their newest album „Apocalypse Love“ on Fire records.