New Release

jeff clarke

freshy released on Bretford records – Jeff Clarke „Slip Away“ **

Slip Away is now out on all download and streaming platforms, album follows next year ❤️

& shout out to Oska Wald for the following beautiful paraphrase of his meeting story with Jeff:
I first saw Jeff play with the Demon’s Claws back in 2009 at the old White Trash in Berlin, it was one of the best concerts i’ve seen , and King Khan told me the night before they all did some acid around a campfire and somehow ended up in a school in Marzahn teaching a class on rock n roll for some unsuspecting youngsters. Ever since i’ve been a fan and on the Demon’s Claws records there were always one or two slower songs that already showed the talent Jeff has for writing beautiful songs.

After Demon’s Claws he did some amazing records with Hellshovel and Milk Lines and a couple of years ago he joined The Black Lips and wrote the best songs on their last record too. He’s a hero to me and my friends because he’s the real deal , the way he plays guitar with his hands no plec and barefeet , the way his voice sounds timeless i could go on and on…
Now after being an underground hero for so long, Jeff finally put together a bunch of songs recorded in different places at different times showcasing his own unique style of songwriting with some classic medieval riffs and his great lyrics. You wouldn’t notice it talking to Jeff at a bar , but he’s a poet. And he’s here one day and off the next , so go see his shows while you can and check out his record goddammit!!!