die verlierer

many DIE VERLIERER shows happen this year !! we booked a wild ride though the german prairie and beyond.. after the album release on the berlin diy punk label Mangel records in march (tape) and the vinyl release in june we are happy to finally bring this piece of quintessence in new german punk on stage ! 25.6 KUCHELMIẞ 2.7 FUSION 8.7 BERLIN 14.7 DÜSSELDORF 15.7 GIESSEN 16.7 WIESBADEN 29.7 BAMBERG 30.7 WÜRZBURG 1.9 DRESDEN 2.9 LEIPZIG 3.9 HALLE 10.9 HAMBURG 20.10+21.10 ROTTERDAM …tbc
die verlierer cover front-bretford records release