New Release


Chuckamuck release their second single „Miss Lonelyhearts“ from the album „beatles“ to be released on September 30th via Bretford/Cargo records

Miss Lonelyhearts travels to Hamburg; beat club, boozing and stupidities lead to a big chorus and chorus singing, guitars, lap steel. Who knows? Hopefully anyone. Oska Wald was inspired here by Nathanael West and his 1933 novel. In the story, Miss Lonelyhearts is the pseudonym for an unnamed newspaper columnist who writes an advice column for the lovelorn and lonely. It’s an assignment that the other newspaper staffers think is a joke. As Miss Lonelyhearts reads the letters of desperate New Yorkers, he feels terribly burdened and falls into a cycle of deep depression, accompanied by heavy drinking and occasional bar fights.

PRE ORDER „beatles“:

07.10.2022 Berlin – Zirkus Mond

20.10.2022 Rotterdam – Left of the Dial Festival

21.10.2022 Rotterdam – Left of the Dial Festival
26.10.2022 Nürnberg – MUZclub*

27.10.2022 München – Import/Export*

29.10.2022 Wien – Chelsea*

04.11.2022 Hamburg – MS Stubnitz*

09.11.2022 Köln – Artheater*

10.11.2022 Mannheim – Altes Volksbad*

*with Hello Pity

The 1st verse describes the morning after the party night from verse 3, while verse 2 plays like a dream somewhere else.
Nostalgically, the early phase of the band is looked at and at the same time, the advanced age of decreasing stamina in alcohol consumption lamented, religious awakening hinted at, as well as juggling with surreally charged objects (silver apples, marlboro bar etc).
All this wrapped up in relaxed country rock , refined by the lap steel guitar of Paul Willy Stoyan.