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Chuckamuck release their 4th album „beatles“ (30.09.2022 Bretford/Cargo records)

we proudly present the FIRST Bretford Album release – BRD001
What a lovely coincidence, because the first album I had the pleasure of working on as product manager at her previous label Staatsakt was her self-titled album „Chuckamuck“, released in 2017. Since then, our collaboration has continued to grow, culminating in the founding of the company this year and the joint album release, of which I am immensely happy to present. Chuckamuck have taken a big step with this album and created such an interesting and diverse work here – each track has so much of its own idea, style, meaning and feelings – the chuckamuck charm is unmistakable!

„beatles“ was recorded and mixed by Lorenz O’tool at O’tool Studio, Autumn 2021 Mastered by Norman Nitzsche, Calyx Mastering
Lorenz O’tool: vocals, guitars, bass guitar, piano, percussion
Oska Wald: vocals, guitars, bass guitar
Julius Haß: Drums, Percussion, vocals
Jonas Patrone: Guitar on „Wochenende ist für Skatturnier“, Piano and Guitar on „In 10 Jahren”, Bass Guitar on “Ich Vergaß”
Sem Smith: Trumpets on “UV Index”, “Miss Lonelyhearts” & “Valentina”
Paul Willy Stoyan: Lap Steel on “UV Index”, “Miss Lonelyhearts” and “Vermisst”
Choir: Hannes & Henne on “Wochenende ist für Skatturnier”

cover picture by Julian B.
cover artwork by Oska Wald
press pictures by Frederike Wetzels
p+c Bretford records
distribution by Cargo Records

Decelerated courageous and intimate the songs of the fourth album walk through a forest of signs and letters.
With warm confidence follows an ode to the retreat, the country life, the animals, love, the wondering and wanting and the non-functioning. Slower are the titles, more soothing and not so offensive, in the sense of incompatible with the reality. The band has escaped from it in a way – to find it again – perhaps in a different guise.
Instead of locating „beatles“ in the White Album phase I would rather go in the direction between Rubber Soul and Magic Mysterie -there are, when listening several times, but very many references, links and signs to The Beatles in the compositions, the lyrics – which again and again like to leave their story to look out of the window. First of all, it’s that Beatles feeling of a band that, from the crises of the city, has retreated to the countryside and there in peace and without concerts have recorded an album that is surely influenced much by the place and the mood.
– Daniel Meteo